Thirsty Black Cobra Drinks Water From a Glass. Watch

Viral Video Today: A forest cobra, commonly known as the black cobra, is a venomous snake species that is native to Africa. But all snakes, especially those living in hot places, are thirsty and dehydrated for months on end. Snakes including Indian King Cobras have been seen accepting water to drink from people.Also Read – Viral Video: Bunch of King Cobras Get Tangled Up While Fighting For Tree Branch. Watch

Now, a video is going viral that shows a person helping a black cobra drink from a glass of water. The clip showed the person fearlessly holding the glass of water while sitting on a grass. Meanwhile, the black snake has its mouth inside the glass and can be seen sipping water. Also Read – Viral Video: King Cobra Gets Chased Away By Mongoose After Entering Its Territory. Watch

The video was shared by an Indian Twitter user under IFS Susanta Nanda’s tweet where he shared a video of some adorable ducklings and a baby monkey eating watermelon together. Both the videos are equally fascinating to watch. Also Read – Viral Video: Snake Rescuer Gives King Cobra Drink of Water From Sprite Bottle. Watch

While the video of ducks sharing a watermelon with a monkey has received over 23,000 views, the snake drinking water video has also gone viral with over 1,100 views.

Watch the viral videos below:

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