Viral Video: 2-Year-Old Deer Rescued by Forest Officials After It Fell Into Open Well in Coimbatore

Coimbatore: Forest officials in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore are being praised after they came to the rescue of a deer after it fell in an open well on a private farm. The rescue operation involved workers descending into the well with the help of a net. The deer was later released into its natural habitat. News agency ANI shared photographs of the rescue operation and tweeted, “Forest Officials successfully rescued a two-year-old deer who was trapped in a deep well in Peedampalli village, Coimbatore; the deer was later released into the forest.”Also Read – 13-Foot King Cobra Spotted in Andhra Palm Oil Plantation, Rescued by Snake Catcher | See Pic

Supriya Sahu, who often shares animal rescue stories on her Twitter account, shared a video of the post-rescue scene which shows the scared deer running away unto the forest. She wrote, ”Safe rescue and release of a Spotted Deer from an open well by the Forest Dept with assistance from the Fire & Rescue personnel. Well done DFO, Tiruvallur and Team. Every life is precious #TNForest #rescue.”

Watch the video here:

Thankfully, the deer seemed healthy and external injuries were found on it. Netizens hailed the efforts of forest officials in saving the life of an animal. One user wrote, ”LAW OF KARMA !!! Keep doing GOOD DEEDS, for others. Your Good Deeds will return, back in some or other form. MANKIND needs to understand it”. “There is still humanity in this world great effort,” a second user wrote. A third wrote, ”Nice to see this one running away to safety. When deers are not released quickly they get stressed very fast while being handled by humans. Too much of adrenalin flow and they die.”