Viral Video: 75-Year-Old Man Becomes The Oldest Person To Perform Headstand, Enters Guinness World Records

Viral Video: Many viral videos of elderly people doing exceptional acts only goes to prove that age is just a number. Now, another video of a 75-year-old man performing a headstand, has wowed the internet and given people new fitness goals. The man named Tony Helou who hails from Deux-Montagnes, Canada, has now become the oldest person to do the feat and has got his name registered in Guinness World Records.Also Read – Viral Video: Man Risks His Life To Save A Child Dangling From 8th Floor, Hailed As a Hero | Watch

The video show Tony in an outdoor venue as he gears up to do a headstand. He then goes on to ace the headstand perfectly. Notably, Tony set the record on October 16, 2021, at the age of 75 years and 33 days. The video was shared by Guinness World Records on Instagram. “Oldest person to perform a headstand: 75-year-old Tony Helou,” the caption reads.

Watch the video here:

According to GWR, Tony says he was inspired to attempt the feat for his family, but also wanted to prove that it’s possible to achieve great things at any age. He started his fitness journey at the age of 55 when he began working towards becoming healthier by running every day, doing pushups, and performing headstands up against a wall. Once Tony mastered the skill, he started practising his headstands everywhere he could: at home, at the park and in front of family and friends.

“I’m not shy about performing headstands,” said Tony.

His daily routine involves going to sleep and waking up early, running for 15 to 20 minutes to get his coffee, and doing a headstand followed by 20 pushups. Tony’s daughter, Rola Helou, claims that her father has been able to do headstands for as long as she can remember.