Was Jonty Campbell Arrested? Tory Candidate Problematic Tweet Explained

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Fact Check: Was Jonty Campbell Arrested?

It was posted under the Twitter account @CmdrJonty in response to someone else: “The thing is, girls under the age of 22 smell completely different from those above the age of 28.

Campbell’s post comes after another Conservative MP made news a few days ago. Last week, an anonymous Conservative MP was arrested on rape and sexual assault charges dating back seven years.

Because of his twisted, perverted statement on Twitter, Jonty Campbell has become one of the most infamous individuals on the internet today. Meanwhile, many people are curious about whether he has a wife at this time.

As a result, determining if he is married has proven difficult. On the other side, he is presumably married and has a wife, the details of whom remain unknown.

Tory Candidate Problematic Tweet Explained

Jonty Campbell was criticized but not probably arrested for his deed.

On May 21, 2022, Jonty Campbell received several hate comments and criticism on his Twitter account questioning his sexual views of the Woman’s smell.

He has run for the Preston Conservation Association five times in recent elections.

Jonty Campbell, a Conservative Party candidate in the greater Preston area, is accused of remarking on a now-deleted tweet, On several occasions.

After a local election candidate for Preston allegedly tweeted that 16-year-old females smelt “buttery” and “creamy,” the Conservative Party launched an investigation.

Campbell’s biography on the Preston Conservative Association’s website has since been taken down, although it did list him as the party’s ‘Deputy Chair of Campaigning.’

The tweet was published on Twitter on Saturday night and received a lot of attention.

Preston Conservative Association Chairman Andrew R Pratt stated: “‘The latest tweet from @CmdrJonty is being investigated, and a statement will be issued as soon as possible.’ This language and attitude against women and girls are intolerable.”

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He has, however, attempted to conceal all personal information from contemporary social media platforms.

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