Watch: A woman is yelled at by a McDonald’s drive-thru clerk in a viral TikTok video, “You f***ing b***h!”

Watch: A woman is yelled at by a McDonald’s drive-thru clerk in a viral TikTok video, “You f***ing b***h!”
Ten minutes before closing, the woman ordered large fries, and the drive-through worker lost his temper.

Using foul language, a McDonald’s staff can be heard cursing at the customer in a popular TikTok video submitted by user @hails.mae. The woman asked him to add large fries to her order, which had cost $61.30, and he responded angrily. The employee snapped, “You know we close in like 10 minutes, you f*****g b***h. C’mon,” displaying his annoyance. The video was created as a joke, it was subsequently discovered.

The video had around 8 million views when it was first posted in late 2020. Since then, people have shared the video numerous times and responded to it in various ways. Recently, the TikToker re-posted the video, which received nearly a million views. While many have lambasted the employee for his actions, others have expressed sympathy for him since they understand the exhaustion that hospitality workers experience.

A customer receives their order from a McDonald’s drive-through employee on February 9, 2009 in San Francisco, California. McDonald’s, a fast food business, reported a 7.1 percent gain in same-store sales for January as consumers sought out less expensive food options as the economy weakened.

@hails.mae added two videos to TikToker. In the first instance, she requests that the cashier “add large fries” to her current order. The staffer then yells at the woman and tells her in not-so-nice terms that they had to close in ten minutes. The second video that the same user uploaded indicates that the first was a hoax and that the TikToker had actually instructed the McDonald’s staff to be unpleasant to her.

The public’s opinions to the viral video have been divided, with many decrying the employee’s rudeness. One guy said, “should never communicate with someone in that way. Always be kind.” He needs to be dismissed, that’s his job, said one person who demanded his dismissal. Another individual wrote: “I sincerely hope he was one of her friends playing a practical joke on her, but if not, he ought to be fired. Customers are prioritized in those situations occasionally.”

On July 15, 2022 in Houston, Texas, a cashier rings up a customer in a Kroger grocery store. According to the Commerce Department, retail sales in the United States increased 1.0% in June as customers increased their spending on a variety of products like furniture, food, and gas.

There were others who felt sorry for the worker. I genuinely feel his anguish, one person responded. “Bro articulated what everyone was thinking,” added another.

Another viewer offered their assistance by writing, “ANYONE moving anywhere until the last 15 minutes of the lockdown is wrong to me lol,” as a means of expressing their support.

The question of whether “the customer is always right” is true is one that will never be resolved. People in the retail and hospitality industries frequently talk about their trying experiences. In fact, burnout happens to them frequently. Irritability, mood swings, and depression are symptoms that are present. They express frustration at their laziness and lack of motivation. Employers should be aware of these burnout symptoms and take preventative measures to ensure the general wellbeing of those under their care.