What Are the Lyrics to the Tiktok Song “You Are the Reason”? Popular Original Music by Kina

What Are the Lyrics to the Tiktok Song “You Are the Reason”? Popular Original Music by Kina

Over 1 million people have viewed the TikTok song craze “You are you are The Reason.”One of every content creator’s favorite songs is Kina’s Get You the Moon. There doesn’t appear to be any going back as TikTok appears to be consuming the entertainment sector at an unstoppable rate.

Each season, a seemingly endless amount of trends emerge. Due to the development of new trends, social media has attracted an astounding number of users from all over the world.

“You Are You Are The Reason” is a current hit with more than 100 million views.

What are the lyrics to the Tiktok song “You Are The Reason”?

The artist expresses gratitude for the friend who was by his side and always there for him in the song “You Are You Are The Reason.”

The musician is at a loss for words to express his thanks for giving him a shoulder to cry on, for loving him, for standing by him through fight, and for making him laugh, especially when everything else in his life is going in the opposite direction.

With his life-saving invention, he intends to fly to the moon and offer them the moon. He would, however, also be prepared to give his life in order to save theirs.

The song’s verse that is most frequently featured in TikTok videos is;

Since you already are

The reason I’m still hanging in there

You are because you are

the reason why I’m still floating above the water

And I’d send you to the moon if I could.

then hand it to you.

And if death was approaching

I gave my life to save you.

Since you already are

I see you are

I see you are

Your is

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Original Music by Kina, “You Are You Are The Reason”

Snow is the song’s writer and performer. It is included on the single “Get You the Moon” by Italian Lofi producer Kina. It was first made available on March 15, 2018, then Columbia Records republished it on October 8, 2018.

A music video was uploaded to the MrSuicideSheep YouTube channel on April 3, 2019. The song was included in Kina’s debut EP, Things I Wanted to Tell You, released in 2020.

The song had received over 807 million Spotify streams as of August 2022. Additionally, it debuted at number two on Billboard’s list of the Top TV Songs for March 2020 after appearing in an episode of the Netflix series On My Block.

It was included as a “NOW What’s Next!” bonus track on the 2019 US release Now That’s What I Call Music, Vol. 71.

After listening to his YouTube covers, Kina came across the featured vocalist, Snow. The song is in the key of C# minor and has a pace of 60 beats per minute.

It is a “moody chill-pop anthem” that is “equal parts somber, romantic, and surprisingly relaxing,” according to Idolator. The music video was directed and drawn by animation artist JonJon.

Tiktok Trend Explanation: You Are You Are

The “You Are You Are The Reason” videos with meaningful plots are the most well-liked ones among the “get you the moon” videos, according to an examination of them.

Soon after this trend’s emergence in 2021, creators started producing TikToks about it. The emotional content of the videos is typically tied to tragic love stories or strained relationships.

The most emotional movies include tales of love, beggars, and endearing little creatures.

The perfect depiction of mankind in the videos makes viewers think about their ancestry. The “Get you the moon challenge” can be done in numerous ways. The only thing necessary is to make the video compelling and emotionally involving. It should convey the key points of the music.

People have been seen making recordings of important people in their lives. This song is an unfathomably generous expression of love.