What happened to Alan and Kathy Dorenbos, Jon’s parents? Does the AGT Magician have any siblings?

What happened to Alan and Kathy Dorenbos, Jon’s parents? Does the AGT Magician have any siblings?

When Alan Dorenbos killed his mother, Jon Dorenbos was 12 years old. The renowned NFL player and AGT finalist claims he had to come to terms with his traumatic past.

Dorenbos is a former American magician and football-long sniper. He played college football at the University of Texas at El Paso before being signed by the Buffalo Bills as an undrafted free agent in 2003.

He also played in 162 consecutive games for the Philadelphia Eagles and Tennessee Titans, teams with which he spent 11 seasons.

What happened to Alan and Kathy Dorenbos?

On August 2, 1992, Alan Dorenbos, Jon’s father, killed Kathy, Jon’s mother. Software developer Alan was charged with second-degree murder, convicted, and sentenced to 13 and 8 months in prison.

The orphanage was given custody of Dorenbos. He sought magic to help him cope with being raised by his aunt and uncle, Susan and Steve Hindman, after a legal dispute.

However, the former American football player and his father briefly made up in 2019, with the former player admitting he had already forgave his father for his mother’s passing.

The audience for Jon’s close-up magic also grew. After finishing third in the 11th season of America’s Got Talent, he returned for America’s Got Talent: Champions.

According to his Wikipedia biography, he earned letters in baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and other sports while attending Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, California.

Alan Dorenbos, the father of Jon Dorenbos

The father of Jon Dorenbos, Alan Dorenbos, presently resides in Washington, D.C. Alan turned himself in after killing his wife, and he was ultimately found guilty of second-degree murder.

The former American athlete was propelled to engage in activity in which he had no interest. According to People, the influence of parenthood forced him to confront his father for the first time in 27 years.

In Spokane, Washington, a café hosted a reunion between Dorenbos, 40, and his father over coffee. On the HBO program “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel,” which can be viewed online on HBO Max, he talked about the incident.

Two years ago, when his wife became pregnant, Jon’s feelings for his father began to shift. He understood that in order to truly repent, he would have to confront his past and see his father.

How many brothers and sisters does the AGT magician, Jon Dorenbos, have?

Along with his two siblings, Randy and Kristina, Jon Dorenbos was raised by his family in Woodinville, Washington.

His brother Randy is currently in charge of M.D. Roofing in Myrtle Beach, California. Krissy, his sister, has begun working in the department of pharmacology at Creighton University School of Medicine.

In 1987, the Dorenbos family moved from Pleasanton, California, to Woodinville. They made friends fairly quickly, according to Northshore News, and appeared to blend in well in their new neighborhood off Avondale Road.

According to the story, after their mother died, Jon stayed at home by himself while Krissy traveled to California to visit their grandparents and brother Randy at basketball camp.