What Happened To “The Singing Nun” Who Sang Dominique?

Jeanine Deckers, aka The Singing Nun, dedicated suicide due to monetary troubles at a kids’s establishment they supervised. Find out more about her.. Jeanine Deckers, aka The Singing Nun, dedicated suicide due to monetary troubles at a kids’s establishment they supervised. Find out more about her.. Follow us for more superstar & leisure updates.

What Happened To “The Singing Nun” Who Sang Dominique? Death Cause Revealed

In 1963, the Belgian-French tune “Dominique” crowned the Billboard Hot 100 and different charts in the United States, Jeanine Deckers changed into a family identify.

Jeanine Deckers, the guitar-playing “Singing Nun,” who received international reputation with her tune “Dominique” more than 20 years in the past, dedicated suicide with a chum over the weekend at the house they shared, in accordance to the supply. The former nun have been a nun for 52 years.

According to Belga, a police officer indicated that buddies who had not heard from the two girls had notified the police lately. The stays have been found out by way of police, who claimed the two died from a heavy amount of sedatives. The good friend of Miss Deckers was not named in the agency’s record.

According to the police officer, the girls had left a letter explaining their suicide and asking for privateness. According to the newspaper, buddies said the two have been despondent for a while, in part due to monetary troubles at a kids’s establishment they owned.

She was pressed to make a document as a result of of her prime, pretty voice. “Dominique,” her first unmarried, was an quick hit international in 1963. There had been over 100 distinct variations of the tune, together with an digital model she recorded in 1983.

Jeanne-Paule Marie Deckers was born in Laeken, Brussels, Belgium, in 1933, the daughter of a pâtisserie retailer proprietor, and gained her education at a Catholic school in Brussels.

Her mother idea of her as a “tomboy,” so she was delighted when she made up our minds to sign up for the all-girl Guides Catholiques de Belgique. She had a suspicion that she would grow to be a nun when she was fifteen years old.

She changed into an enthusiastic Girl Guide and bought her first guitar to carry out at Guide night time occasions. She regarded as dedicating her life to religion in a Catholic convent whilst finding out for 3 years after prime school to gain a degree in instructing sculpting.

She taught sculpture to kids between 1954 and 1959 when she was 21 years old. In the summer time of 1959, she met Annie Pécher, a sixteen-year-old girl with whom she would shape a detailed bond.

Jeanine Decker’s overdue husband, founder Pierre Dick, left her a 49.7 % percentage in a veterinarian-health corporate; due to this fact, she is worth round $1.1 billion.  

Since her husband’s demise, she has been concerned with the corporate and now supervises its company basis. Pierre, a veterinarian by way of business, began a modest lab in Nice, France, in 1968 to create medications for different veterinarians. By 1987, the Virbac group had expanded across the world and into the United States.

Deckers’ global recognition did not carry her a lot cash, and her 2d album, Her Joys, Her Songs, received little realize and was forgotten just about as quickly as it was revealed in 1964. Philips and her manufacturer took the maximum of her cash, whilst the leisure went to her non secular group, which gained no less than $100,000 in royalties.

Everything To Know About The Singing Nun Family

She and Annie Pécher dedicated suicide by way of overdosing on barbiturates and alcohol on March 29, 1985, bringing up monetary issues. They said in their suicide letter that that they had not deserted their religion and that they desired to be buried following the Catholic Church’s burial rites.

Miss Deckers entered the Dominican convent at Fichermont, close to Brussels, in 1959 and departed in 1966.

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She ultimately discovered that her new instructing process was not for her, and she resigned. She joined the Missionary Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of Fichermont, based totally in Waterloo, in September 1959 and was given the non secular identify “Sister Luc Gabriel.”

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