What Happened To Vsevolod Bobrov Ship? Another Russian Navy Ship Catches Fire

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It measures 95 meters lengthy, 22 meters huge, and 9 meters deep and displaces 10,000 lots when absolutely loaded. The inner has sufficient for 27 common team individuals and 43 further staff, such as rescued survivors of shipwrecks. 

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Vsevolod Bobrov is a Russian emblem new auxiliary send that stuck primary fireplace when cit was heading against Sanke Island from the Black Sea.

As the Russian-Ukraine struggle continues, news of destroying warships has been nearly common on the web. And, lately any other Russian send referred to as Vsevolod Bobrov was taken down through the Ukrainian forces as in step with the studies on social media. 

Vsevolod Bobrov Ship has stuck fireplace in the Black Ship. The venture 23120 Russian send was cruising in the Black Sea against Snake Island, when it stuck fireplace on Thursday, May 12.

According to sources, the Ukrainian forces attacked the send, and it’s now being towed as it calls for primary upkeep. Moreover, it was Serhiy Bratchuk, a spokesman for the Odesa Regional Military Administration, who stated that the movements of the Ukrainian Navy led to the send to catch fireplace.

The commentary additionally added that the Ukrainian forces had destroyed the numbers of warships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet over the previous few weeks.

Since the get started of a full-scale struggle towards Ukraine, 13 Russian ships and boats were destroyed, together with the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Moscow’s missile cruiser.

Additionally, the information referring to the fresh incident with the send is but to be detailed. 

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The Russian Navy Ship, Vsevolod Bobrov, does not have Wikipedia details. However, it was named to have a good time the contribution of the ice hockey participant and footballer participant.

According to Bairdmaritime, the send was created basically to be offering Russian Navy process devices logistical help for long-term deployments at sea.

It additionally has the obligations of Cargo switch, towing of stranded ships at sea, hydrographic analysis, seabed mapping, and floor and underwater seek and rescue.

Vsevolod Bobrov stuck fireplace in the sea, but it surely did not sink. The team individuals had been additionally evacuated on time.

And the government took the send again to Sevastopol – the Russian Black sea Navy base.

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