What Has Happened To Anne Hegerty? Why Is She Not On Show?

Anne Hegerty was caught by Covid-19 and will be unable to film the Beat the Chasers spin-off series and fans are sad that she left the show.. . Follow us for more celebrity & entertainment updates.

Anne Hegerty Illness – Is She Sick?

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Who Is Anne Hegerty? Wikipedia

After a Covid struggle, Anne Hegerty of ITV’s Beat the Chasers has retaliated against anti-vaxxers. Because she had Covid at the time of filing, the Governess will be missing the show this week.

Anne, who goes by the moniker Frosty Knickers, explains why to her fans. She wasn’t on the show and didn’t begin testing negative until we were almost done, she wrote.

Anne reassured viewers on Twitter following the first show. She wrote that she was only positive for nine days, but that she was OK now. According to a representative for ITV, RadioTimes.com Regrettably, Anne The Governess Hegerty has contracted COVID-19, so the upcoming Beat The Chasers will not be filmed.

We look forward to having her back on set soon, they added. Issa Schultz of The Chase and Beat The Chaser Australia has agreed to fill in for us. Every weekday at 9 p.m., ITV Beat the Chasers continues to air.

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