Where Is Barb Reddick Now 2022? Chase The Ace Winner – Has She Reunited With Nephew Tyrone MacInnis?

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Where Is Chase The Ace Winner Barb Reddick Now 2022? 

The details of Barb Reddick’s age are unavailable on the Internet. Alongside any of the facts similar to her non-public life, the details of her husband continues to be a thriller. 

The net worth details of Barb Reddick are unknown. She gained $1.2 million on Chase The Ace which she had to break up with her nephew. 

How Old Is Barb Reddick? Age And Husband Details 

Barb Reddick, the winner of Chase The Ace, were in the headlines for her dispute with her nephew. Learn about her whereabouts in 2022 and what’s she doing now. 

Barb Reddick, a Nova Scotia lady, and her nephew had a public dispute over a $1.2 million Chase the Ace jackpot that made headlines throughout Canada. 

Reddick sued her nephew Tyrone MacInnis after the grand prize from a Cape Breton charity fundraiser was break up between the two. 

Reddick has said that she put MacInnis’ identify on the price ticket for excellent good fortune. She additionally discussed she agreed to break up the prize cash in the event that they gained the comfort prize however not the jackpot.

Chase The Ace’s winner Barb Reddick has stayed lowkey ever since her public dispute with her nephew. She hasn’t posted anything else on her social media web page since 2018. 

Reddick’s controversy over the lottery in Margaree Forks, N.S., had won in style consideration. 

The video of Reddick telling her 19-year-old nephew she supposed to take him to court docket briefly went viral on the Internet. They settled their dispute in the court docket in 2019 splitting the lottery cash. 

According to an emailed observation from Reddick’s legal professional, Adam Rodgers, the two events have reached an settlement on the $611,319.50 in query.

In which MacInnis would obtain $350,000 and Reddick would get $261,319.50, for a complete of $872,639.

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Reddick were given public consideration after her controversy with her nephew over the lottery cash. The news was far and wide the media and other people from far and wide the nation knew about the dispute. 

She has stayed a ways from the media’s succeed in ever since they settled the dispute in the court docket. 

During the ultimate court docket agreement, Reddick gained $850,000 and MacInnis took house the final $350,000.

As each their names have been on the profitable price ticket, they issued separate cheques for $611,319.50.

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According to her one of the latest interviews after the court docket agreement, Barb Reddick discussed she hasn’t been in contact with her nephew Tyrone Maclnnis ever since the dispute. 

As each of them have stayed out of the media succeed in, it’s not certain if they have got reunited after the incident. 

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