Where is Dana Flynn Currently? Randy Sheridan’s Ex-Woman Maintains Her Innocence

In the late afternoon of December 22, 1992, the body of a guy who was at least 40 years older was found in the city of Junction City, Kansas. Because a crime of this sort had never been committed in Junction City before, the Kansas authorities were taken aback by the details of the incident.

But in 1992, three days before Christmas, a man named Randall “Randy” Sheridan was gunned down while running on a gravel road at 3 in the afternoon. He died from his wounds. The autopsy report revealed afterwards that his body had been found laying on its front on the road, and that it had received five gunshot wounds from a 12-gauge shotgun.

The autopsy report states that before Randy dropped to the ground, he was shot three times, twice in the chest and once in the neck. Randy was shot twice in the head while he was falling, and the perpetrator of the shooting exited the vehicle to ensure that he would not survive the ordeal.

Snapped Where Is Dana Flynn Now Randy Sheridan Case and Custody Battle Is Dana Flynn Still Behind Bars How Did Randy Get Killed in 1992?

The location of Randy’s house in the southern part of Junction City was less than a half mile distant. Following the event, the authorities from Geary County went to Randy’s house to discuss the situation with his wife Judy Junghans, whom he had married in 1981, as well as to continue their investigation into the murder. When Randy’s wife found out that her husband had been murdered, she was greatly taken aback because she had just phoned him before 3 o’clock in the afternoon as he was going out for a run.

The Sheridan, Randy Was Dana Flynn’s Ex-boyfriend

Prior to Randy Sheridan’s death, the convicted murderer Dana Dreiling Flynn was involved in a love relationship with him. Along with her brother Mikel Dreiling, she was found guilty of first-degree murder in the 1996 case. Randall Sheridan was born in the year 1952 in the city of Ellsworth in the state of Kansas. Dana was ten years younger than her ex-boyfriend, who was married at the time.

After only one year of marriage, Randy filed for divorce from his wife Judy and immediately began dating again. Dana was in a relationship with Randy at the time, and in 1985, the couple was given the gift of a daughter named Ashley. Even though Dana was carrying Randy’s child inside of her while she was pregnant, Dana and Randy did not live together because their relationship was not believed to be a serious one.

After Ashely was born, the two of them could frequently be heard bickering about the visitation schedule that would allow Randy to spend time with his own daughter. As Dana was eager to move on from her previous relationship, she did not want Randy to play any role in her life or the lives of her daughter Ashley.

Sheridan eventually remarried his first wife, Judy, and they went on to have another daughter together. As a direct consequence of this, the trajectory of their relationship was moving back in the right direction. During this period, Dana also welcomed a child into the world after marrying a man by the name of Steve Flynn in the late 1980s.

Mikel Dreiling was pressured into murdering Randy by Pastor Jerry and Dana Flynn

With the assistance of Pastor Jerry A. Rollins, Dana consistently portrayed Randy in a negative light to all of the other members of the church.

As a consequence of this, many referred to him as a “evil man,” and a pastor named Jerry stated that “God wants him dead.” This demonization has an effect not just on the neighbourhood surrounding the church but also on Dana’s younger brother Mikel, who was involved in the murder and was sentenced to 23 years in prison; he will be released in October 2019.

According to the statement that Judy provided, her late husband was awakened twice during the night by phone calls. She picked up the phone just in time to hear a man’s voice as she did so. On her side, Randall grabbed the phone away from her and yelled, “Grew up ‘Mikel’ Mikie.” The decision of whether or not to kill Randall was causing internal strife for Dana’s brother.

Snapped Case involving Randy Sheridan and the Fight for Custody of Dana Flynn, Where Is Dana Flynn Now? Is Dana Flynn Still Being Held Behind Bars? Dana Flynn and her brother Mikel Dreiling were responsible for Randy’s murder in 1992. The murder took place in the afternoon of that year.

However, according to his religious beliefs and practises, it was forbidden for him to kill a man. He put his complete faith and reliance in his pastor, and he looked to him for guidance. Mikel was psychologically influenced by Jerry, the preacher, who called Randall a “evil man,” and as a result, Mikel made the decision to kill the “bad” man who had molested his niece. Jerry called Randall a “evil man.”

It came as a surprise when it was found out that Dana was having an affair with Pastor Jerry, who had helped the criminal by providing a shotgun. This information came to light as the inquiry continued. Jerry served a sentence of four months in prison because he took the plea deal for assisting a convicted felon.

A Defamatory Statement Made by Dana in an Attempt to Gain Legal Custody of Her Children

Judy and Randy’s relationship had been through a series of highs and lows, but after the birth of their daughter, things started to look up for them. Dana, who claimed that her ex-boyfriend was abusing his own daughter, was the source of the conflict, rather than their marriage, which was not the issue.

In response to her accusations, the police opened an investigation into Randy but were unable to uncover any evidence that might conclusively link him to Ashley’s alleged sexual assault. Instead, it was found out that Dana had been instructing her child in order to get an advantage for herself in the custody dispute that she was involved in.

Conflict Over the Case of Randy Sheridan and His Custody

Before he passed away, Sheridan was in the midst of a significant custody battle over his daughter Ashley. He was concerned that Dana’s behaviour was not a positive impact on his daughter, and he desired to have full custody of his daughter.

Ironically, Sheridan had a court hearing the day before he was shotgunned in Junction City. At the hearing, he asked the court to allow him to take Ashley on a holiday trip with his family. The court granted his request. The request was approved by the court, and Dana was due to turn up legal custody of her child to Randy the following day; however, unfortunately for Randall, Dana had other plans in mind for Randall.

In an interview with Oxygen, Randy Sheridan’s brother reveals how he learned of his brother’s passing and also reveals that his relationship with Dana was not a serious one. The interview takes place as Randy’s brother reveals that his relationship with Dana was not serious.

The next day, Dana reported for work as usual, but she cut her shift short and proceeded to what she thought was a surprise visit to her mother. On the other hand, she did not have a solid alibi as her brother did, who lied to the authorities and said that he spent the entire day at his sister’s house because he was recovering from a knee ailment. The siblings’ explanation was incoherent, and they were discovered red-handed in their deception.

However, the process of their arrest was slowed down since the police were unable to locate the murder weapon and couldn’t locate them in the vicinity of the crime scene. The prosecutor spent a total of four gruelling years on the case before successfully convicting the convicted murderers of first-degree murder. The grand jury in 1996 decided that Dana and Mikel, who are brother and sister, should each receive a sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole after serving 19 years. Mikel was granted parole in October 2019 and released from prison. Upon his release, he detailed to Oxygen all that went down on the December day in 1992.

Where Is Dana Flynn Now That She’s Been Captured?

The popular American true-crime-related series Snapped featured a segment on Randy Sheridan’s case and the custody battle that he was involved in on its episode that aired on November 22, 2020. In addition, the accomplice and brother of Dana Dreiling, Mikel Dreiling, was included in the documentary series. Mikel Dreiling admitted his role in the terrible murder in 1992.

In an interview with Oxygen, Mikel shed light on how the murder conspiracy worked and how his sister Dana and preacher Jerry pressured him to execute such a heinous crime. He also discussed how the murder was committed. Mikel is at a loss to comprehend why his sister insists she is innocent despite her assertions that she had nothing to do with the murder and that she denies any involvement. despite the fact that there is overwhelming evidence suggesting she was involved in the murder plot.

The grand jury decided against granting Dana parole twice, and she is now scheduled for release in January 2022 at the earliest possible date. Regarding her release, the media has not been provided with any fresh information or updates as of yet. It is likely that she is currently incarcerated or that her request for parole was once again denied. This section will be updated to reflect any new information that comes to light regarding Dana as a result of the case and custody fight involving Randy Sheridan.