Where is DJ Quik Daughter Today? Davieanna Marlena Blake Is Remembered Following The Recent News About Her Brother

DJ Quik’s Daughter has been transferring on the media of late for the discuss of the first-degree homicide of slightly little one, her little one. Is the expressed discuss legitimate? How about we discover out.

DJ Quik is an American rapper, vocalist, DJ, and file maker. The music craftsman is higher known for his growth of the G-funk type of West Coast hip-jump.


He has labored along with a portion of the large names, for instance, Snoop Canine, Tupac, and Shaquille O’Neal. However, he is getting a ton of media consideration for the discuss of his little girl’s first-degree homicide.

Where may DJ Quik’s Daughter Today be? As of now, the girl of widespread rapper Davieanna Marlena Blake is serving jail time in the wake of being blamed for first-degree homicide.

Davieanna initially rose to notoriety as an enormous identify child is the little girl of a famend file maker, DJ Quik. The ugly wrongdoing of murder was perpetrated by Davieanna with the help of her beau, Davieanna Marlena Blake.

The two of them have been dating throughout the 2000s, and the affection life of the couple was honored with the introduction of a baby child, Blake Alvarez, in 2011.

Be that as it might, the relationship of the couple took a U-turn throughout the concept stage. No one concept of the horrible wrongdoing carried out by the couple, and from that time ahead, they’ve been investing vitality in jail.

Davieanna Marlena Blake Jail Expenses: What Was She Arrested For? Davieanna Marlena Blake has been charged in jail for the first-degree homicide of her little one.

She was accused of pounding the life out of her two-year-old little one. The guardians of the lifeless child have been remaining earlier than the body in their rental.

As per an observer, Davieanna was restraining her little one for wetting the mattress. One of the pariahs even referenced that he heard a commotion of a smack, as indicated by marriedwiki.

Throughout the examination, cops tracked down the indication of quite a few accidents on the arms, legs, backside, and high of the new child little one.

Digital Leisure Response On The Inhumane Crime Again in 2013, Davieanna was well-known on Twitter, standing out as actually newsworthy for the first-degree homicide.

The then 21-year-old was tracked down brimming with fault for the passing of the new child little one. Netizens even posed inquiries to DJ Quik about the prevalence, nonetheless he would not reply any assertion.

People throughout the globe paid their sympathies to the lifeless child and requested fairness. Since fairness has gained, Davieanna is investing her vitality in the cell jail.