Where Is Pen Farthing Now? Facts To Know About The Founder Of Nowzad Dogs Charity

Pen Farthing was a commando in the Royal Marines and started the charity Nowzad Dogs in the UK.

When Kabul fell in August 2021, the former commando decided to stay until he could let his Afghan staff and their families leave. People who cared about him helped raise more than £200,000 to charter a flight to take his employees, their families, and the animals in the charity’s shelter to safety.

On August 27, the British Armed Forces helped Pen get to the airport with his animals.

Since the British government didn’t accept his offer to evacuate more people using those empty seats, Farthing left Afghanistan with them on August 28 as the only passenger on a private jet that could have evacuated another 229 people.

What happened to Pen Farthing?

Recently, Pen Farthing posted a picture of himself on Instagram and said that he will be taking a break from social media for a while.

He said that he has realized that being on social media is probably half the problem and that he will be fine taking a break.

The former commando hasn’t said anything else about his plans for the future. He was in Kabul in 2021, but he got his rescue animals into the airport.

People say that the private plane that was rented for the evacuation flight landed in Kabul on August 28.

He told The Sun that it was just too sad to leave them behind, and that there were “lots of tears” as he walked away from them.

Farthing was supposed to fly to Tashkent and then to the UK, where his animals would be quarantined until Christmas.

How much money does Pen Farthing have?

Based on how much his business costs, Pen Farthing’s net worth is likely around $500,000 or even more.

He started an animal welfare group in Britain called Nowzad Dogs. Nowzad Dogs’ financial records for the year ending March 31, 2021 show that they made a total of £838,078 and spent a total of £727,913.

The charitable trust is Pen’s main source of income. It is paid for by donations and fundraising.

A man who used to be a commando is a humble person who wants to live a good life with the money he has made so far.

He was nominated for the RSPCA Animal Hero Awards, and CNN named him the “CNN Hero of 2014.”

Family news about Pen Farthing

In 1969, Paul Farthing was born to English parents in the county of Essex. At the end of this year, he will be 53 years old.

Farthing is Caucasian, just like his parents, and he seems to be a Christian. His parents also look like they were born and raised in Britain.

In the same way, they are thrilled to see their son doing such good things for others.

Farthing seems to come from a wealthy family and to have had a good time growing up.

His family seems to be a source of motivation for him, and they have always pushed him to do good things and prayed for him to do well.

The reason he is so kind and humble is because of his father and mother.

Who is the wife of Pen Farthing? Information About Their Kids

Pen Farthing married Kaisa Markhus, and they have been happy together ever since.

Kaisa was the country director for an organization called Ascend Athletics. This group encouraged Afghan girls to play sports.

She has also worked with the charity Nowzad Dogs and helped her husband with his work as much as she could. Her parents brought her up in Norway, where she was born.

The couple likes to travel together and even shares photos of themselves on social media. She is known on Instagram as @kaisahelene, and she has more than 2500 followers. However, her account is currently set to private.

No one knows if the couple has a child, and it looks like they have thought of Nowzad Dogs as their home and the dogs as part of their family, which is very kind of them.

What’s Pen Farthing’s name?

Paul “Pen” Farthing used to be a commando in the Royal Marines. In 2007, he started the charity Nowzad Dogs.

Pen had been trying to get the charity’s animal shelter in Taliban-controlled Kabul to fly him, his 200 dogs and cats, and 68 Afghan refugees out of the city.

On August 24, 2021, it was made public that the UK government had given visas to Pen’s 68 animal rescue workers and their families.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said that if Pen, 52, and his staff and animals come to Kabul Airport, officials will try to get a runway slot for the plane he rented. This would allow Pen, his staff, and their animals to be evacuated.

As the group from Nowzad was being turned away, suicide bombers from Isis-K attacked civilians and US Marines outside the airport gates.

At least 169 people died in the blasts. Among them were 72 Afghan civilians, 12 Marines, and a Navy medic.

Even on August 28, the story kept getting more and more exciting

Farthing and his rescue cats and dogs are now inside Kabul Airport, but his Afghan staff can’t get in because the Taliban stopped them at the airport. This means they have to stay in the country.

His wife Kaisa is Norwegian. She left the country with an unnamed pregnant American friend, while her husband stayed in Kabul. He said he wouldn’t leave until all 25 of his employees and their immediate families had a safe way out of the troubled country.

Markhus said that she and her friend almost died when thousands of people rushed the airport and soldiers shot warning shots into the air.

Outside, they had to avoid Taliban troops. Each night, they stayed in a safe house and tried to escape the next day.

What does Nowzad mean?

Pen started the Nowzad Dogs charity after saving a dog he named Nowzad while serving in the Afghan town of Nowzad.

It was started in 2007 to help former servicemen and women get back together with pets they met while on tour.

But Pen and Nowzad also help animals in Afghanistan by building the first animal rescue center in the country.

Since the Afghan government fell, he has been working to get his staff, their families, and 140 dogs and 60 cats out of the country. He calls this plan “Operation Ark.”

Pen Farthing has left Afghanistan, but the pets are still there.

Farthing looks like he will leave Afghanistan with the animals he saved, but nothing is certain at this point because of all the changes that have happened.

Pen admitted defeat on August 26, 2021, because he had to leave Afghanistan without his rescue dogs, cats, and 25 staff members.

But then he was told, “Biden changed the rules about who can get in,” and the Taliban refused to accept paperwork for his staff.

He added: “We had to leave the airfield, and as soon as we did, those attacks started, and then everything went crazy.

“As we tried to leave the airport, we were being gassed with tear gas, so it was clear that we were trying to drive the car when we couldn’t see anything.

What happened to Pen Farthing?

Even though he was able to get his rescue animals into the airport, he is still in Kabul.

On August 28, it is said that the private plane that was hired for the evacuation flight has landed in Kabul.

No one knows exactly when the flight will leave, but it should be in the next few hours.

He said to The Sun, “It’s so sad that I had to leave them behind.”

He also said that there were “a lot of tears” as he left them.

“I feel bad for them, but I’m glad for myself and happy for the animals.