Who Is Hush In Batman? Check Hush Wiki, Powers and Abilities

Who Is Hush In Batman?

Batman: Hush is definitely an American Comedian e-book story arc which was printed by DC Comics that includes the well-known superhero Batman. Dr. Thomas Elliot was truly a childhood good friend of Bruce Wayne. He then turns into a costumed legal who afterwards targets each Batman and Bruce Wayne. Even Although Hush’s identify originates from a nursery rhyme, he lives up to it through the use of guile and manipulation as an alternative of noisy signatures. Elliot, a childhood sociopath makes an attempt to kill his parents so he may inherit their fortune. When his plan failed. He blames Bruce Wayne as a result of of Dr. Thomas Wayne (Bruce’s Father) who gave emergency surgical procedure to Elliot’s Mother.

Hush Batman Wiki

Villain Name  Hush 
True Name Dr. Thomas Elliot
Writer DC Comics
Publication date October 2002 – September 2003
Style Superhero
Foremost characters Batman



Author Jeph Loeb
Penciller Jim Lee

Hush Returns

So, When Hish resurfaces, he comes with a vengeance. With an act to destroy Batman and decided not to let the relaxation of the villains get in his means. So, as deliberate Hush started to torment Bruce Wayne with the help of an all new Clay face following a brief lived alliance with JLA nemesis Prometheus. Hush briefly in a position to shed doubt on his true identification and has Wayne’s butler Alfred Pennyworth framed for homicide utilizing his latter’s shape shifting talents.

Hush Powers and Abilities

Powers Abilities
Genius Intellect Genius mind in each medical science and methods.
Grasp Doctor Super talent in surgical procedure permits him to performing extraordinarily tough medical breakthroughs
Grasp Strategist Extraordinary grasp planner, alent for pondering like his opponents and utilizing their talents in opposition to them.
Grasp Marksman Hush is a grasp marksman in twin wielding M1911 .45 caliber pistols.
Peak Human Conditioning peak physical health, unimaginable power, pace and reflexes.
Power degree prime physical type, nice physical power.

Batman: Hush In Movie

In the DC animated film Batman: Hush, an adaptation of the authentic story, Hush appeared as the main antagonist the place he was voiced by Maury Sterling. However, Hush was revealed to not be Dr. Tommy Elliot.

Instead, It was truly revealed that Hush was an alter- ego which was created by the Riddler in a means of proving himself as a greater tremendous villain after receiving mockery inside the rogues gallery.

image Picture source- Comedian Beat

Batman: Hush Official Trailer


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