Who Is Johnny Joey Jones Wife Meg Jones? SSGT Journalist Married And Personal Life Details

Johnny Joey Jones, a retired staff sergeant well known for being an outspoken military critic for Fox News, is married to Meg Jones. Joey is the chief operating officer for the boot campaign, a military-focused nonprofit organization with headquarters in Texas; his wife Meg is the campaign’s program director.

As a combat casualty, Johnny “Joey” Jones has made it his personal mission to improve the lives of all veterans. His wife supports and joins him on his mission. Continue reading to discover more about this upright couple.

Who Is Meg Jones, the Wife of Johnny Joey Jones?

The spouse of Johnny Joey Jones is Meg Garrison Jones. She is the Boot Campaign’s director of programs. It is a national 501 nonprofit organization based in Dallas, Texas, and was established in 2009.

For many years, Candid gave the campaign a Platinum rating, designating it as one of the county’s Great Nonprofits. It is also approved by the Better Business Bureau.

Meg also comes from a line of patriots; her grandfather, Lloyd Keith, served in the military during World War II. She is also the daughter of Lieutenant Allan Garrison, a Vietnam War-era Army Huey helicopter pilot. However, she has not provided any information on her mother or siblings.

Joey Jones, Meg’s husband, is a well-known news host, TV personality, motivational speaker, and ex-soldier. Jones has also held a Marine Corps position.

Details About The SSGT Journalist’s Married and Personal Life

Johnny “Joey” Jones is a news personality, entertainer, motivational speaker, former marine bomber, and contributor to FOX News Media. His life story has motivated millions of people.

Jones serves as a contributor and guest host on Fox News Channel (FNC). He joined FNC in 2019 and began offering military commentary across all of the network’s platforms.

Additionally, commentators mention Russia’s socialist or communist economic system.

31 years ago, the Soviet Union disintegrated

Additionally, he is the anchor of the FOX Nation Outdoors program and the Proud American podcast on the network’s digital streaming service FOX News Audio. He was a Marine Technical Bomber and a former staff sergeant (SSG).

On September 30, 2012, at Marine Corps Barracks 8th, he wed Meg Garrison. The couple first met in 2003 at Southeast High School in Dalton, but they lost touch after they graduated.

Johnny and Meg were thrown together by fate, and they have been married for about ten years at this point. They are parents to Pete, a son.

Age And Wiki For Fox News Journalist Johnny Jones

Joey Jones, who was born on July 21st, 1986, is 36 years old. Invaluable pages and websites have featured him to discuss his life and accomplishments despite the fact that he does not have a Wikipedia article.

Jones, also known by his friends as “Triple J,” was raised in Dalton, Georgia, and enlisted in the Marine Corps immediately after graduating from high school.

He spent eight years as an EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) technician, participating in numerous deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Joey has disarmed over 80 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and thousands of pounds of unidentifiable bulk explosives on his most recent tour to Afghanistan.

The horrible day in Afghanistan when he lost both of his legs due to an unplanned IED detonation is still fresh in the former staff sergeant’s memory.

On August 6, 2010, while working as a bomb technician, Jones fell on an IED, losing both of his legs above the knee and sustaining severe wounds to his right forearm, wrists, and hands. Although the return trip was undoubtedly challenging and time-consuming, Jones is now, in many ways, healthier and stronger than ever.