Who Is Morgan Night Wife? Daughter Lydia Night And Family

After Morgan Higby Night testified in the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, many were interested in learning more about his wife.. . Follow us for more celebrity & entertainment updates.

Who Is Morgan Night’s Wife: Is He Married?

Morgan Higby Night does not appear to be a married guy since there is no mention of his marrying or even having a wife anywhere.

Collide Culture’s Robben Barquist described Night as the “new face of female punk.” Morgan Higby Night is her father’s daughter.

Lydia Night’s current boyfriend’s name is Dylan Minnette. In October 2018, the couple was first spotted together at Knott’s Scary Form.

Although there is no information on when their relationship began. They’ve also been observed kissing multiple times together. Both have been spotted on social media together.

Morgan Night was born on August 15, 1970, in Canoga Park, California. His maternal grandfather, Alfred Hart, was a philanthropist and the founder of City National Bank.

Night directed, produced, wrote, and performed in his debut feature picture, Matters Of Consequence, when he was 27.

Who Is Morgan Night’s Daughter Lydia Night?

Night was recently seen on the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s testimony. Morgan was called as a surprise new witness by Johnny Depp’s defense team on Tuesday, May 24, to testify about the actor and Amber Heard’s fight at the Hicksville Trailer Palace.

Night saw the occurrence in June 2013, as the pair were visiting the location with mutual acquaintances at the time.

Night stated in his statement that he did not witness Depp shouting at Heard. This contradicted the testimony of the Aquaman actress and her former long-time companion Raquel “Rocky” Pennington in court.

Lydia Victoria Night is an American singer and rhythm guitarist best known for her work with the California punk rock band The Regrettes.

She was also a member of the pop-rock bands Pretty Little Demons and LILA, as well as a regular collaborator with the rock duet Dead Man’s Bones.

Night’s DJ career began at the Shell Cove in Chico, CA, in 1989 and has continued in Downtown Los Angeles at The Roxbury, Burgundy Room, Bigfoot Lodge, Shim Sham Club, and Bar 107.

It was the first film to feature The Pussycat Dolls, and it received the New Orleans Film Festival’s “MovieMaker Magazine Breakthrough Award.”

Because of its contentious nature, numerous websites refused to upload Night’s music video for Charlie King’s “Ragtime Man” in 2009.