Who Is Rower Loryn Reynolds Husband? Learn About Her Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

Loryn Reynolds is a Dancing With The Stars NZ participant who has yet to marry but is dating Blair Smith.. . Follow us for more celebrity & entertainment updates.

DWTS Rower Loryn Reynolds Husband -Is She Married?

Loryn Reynolds has not made any public statements about her marriage life. However, she has been seeing Blair Smith. Loryn and Blair’s actual relationship date has yet to be established, although it appears that they have been together for some time.

Blair’s Instagram bio states that he works as a personal trainer and enjoys sports such as football, cricket, and basketball. Blair seems to be 5 feet 11 inches tall and has an average weight for his height.

Loryn Reynolds has not divulged much about her parents, however, she does have an older sister called Tyler Reynolds. Tyler is a formal dancer and costume designer.

Tyler retired from dancing in 2009 due to a series of ailments. Tyler danced for the first time in ten years in the first portion of the eighth season of Dancing with the Stars in 2019. Tyler stated in 2020 that she had reduced 70kgs thanks to gastric sleeve surgery.

Loryn was a Miss Universe New Zealand contestant who committed a whole year of her life to the beauty pageant’s theme of giving back to the community. They had a diverse choice of charity organizations, and Loryn could assist a child for a year and supply everything they needed, including school supplies and Christmas and birthday gifts.

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Loryn Reynolds’ net worth is more than $300,000. On the other hand, Loryn’s actual net worth has yet to be divulged.

Reynolds appears to like being on vacation with her boyfriend, Blair, based on her photos on Instagram.

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Loryn Reynolds Family Ethnicity

Loryn and Blair have posted images of themselves on their social media sites, and they both appear to be enjoying their time together.

Blair appears to work out at the gym regularly to stay strong and healthy, and he even eats a well-balanced diet. Blair has a pale complexion and brown-colored natural hair. Blair and Loryn appear to be overjoyed to have found each other, and there has been no public speculation regarding their disagreements or breakup.

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It educated her about the worth of a dollar and its influence on someone’s life. As part of the KidsCan show, Reynolds also went to a low-income school, eye-opening. Reynolds feels that if everyone contributed $1, it might significantly impact a kid’s life.

Loryn’s primary source of income is her dance career. Loryn has been living a comfortable life with the money she has earned thus far and is content with her profession.

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