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Joyce Byers is a major character from “Stranger Things,” and people recently wonder about her husband, Lonnie Byers. . . Follow us for more celebrity & entertainment updates.

Stranger Things Joyce Byers Husband Lonnie Byers

Lonnie Byers is a recurring antagonist of the American television series Stranger Things and the ex-husband of main character Joyce Byers. Joyce met Lonnie at some point in her life.

The two eventually fell in love and later got married and had two sons, Jonathan Byers and Will Byers, from their marriage. However, their togetherness didn’t last long.

According to their eldest son, Jonathan, their parents once did love each other, but their marriage became strained, and finally, they divorced sometime in 1982.

Lonnie was born and raised in Hawkins, Indiana. He married Joyce sometime before 1966, the same year they welcomed their first child, son Jonathan. Lonnie was an alcoholic and drug addict who was really abusive to his family.

When Lonnie separated from Joyce, he moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, the same year, maintaining his initial behaviors and negligence. Later he began dating his current girlfriend, Cynthia.

Joyce Byers and Lonnie Byers got married sometime before 1966, the same year the pair gave birth to their oldest son, Jonathan Byers. Their youngest child, Will Byers, was later born in 1971. Will is five years younger than his brother Jonathan.

Their father, Lonnie, an implied alcoholic and drug addict, forced his oldest son, who was only ten at the time, to shoot a rabbit. Moreover, Lonnie used to call his younger son, Will, a fag.

Joyce divorced her husband sometime before 1982, after which he moved to Indiana, maintaining little interest in seeing his children. Joyce then started to hate Lonnie for his negligence and uncaring nature.

She then stopped getting in touch with him until their younger son, Will, disappeared mysteriously. Joyce was reluctant to contact Lonnie to know if Will was with him, and in return, Lonnie blamed Joyce for Will’s disappearance.

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Joyce Byers’s family consists of four members: Joyce, her two sons, Jonathan Byers and Will Byers, plus her ex-husband, Lonnie Byers. From 1983 to 1984, she and her sons lived in Hawkins, Indiana.

Her former husband, Lonnie, lived in Indianapolis. In July 1985, Eleven began living with Joyce and her two sons as a stepchild. Later in October 1985, Joyce, alongside Jonathan, Will, and Eleven, moved to Lenora Hills, California.

In 1982, the family adopted a cute dog named Chester. Unfortunately, Chester had died by October 1984. Joyce, from the beginning, deeply cared for both of her sons, Jonathan and Will.

Joyce Byers And Husband Lonnie Byers Sons Jonathan And Will Byers Age Gap

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