Who Was Erin Jayne Plummer From Studio 10? Reporter and Fitness Enthusiast’s Death Leads Fans Into A Disarray

Television presenter Erin Jayne Plummer from Studio 10 passed away suddenly at the age of 42. Here’s what we know about the late personality.. . Follow us for more celebrity & entertainment updates.

Who Was Erin Jayne Plummer From Studio 10? 

Also, Plummer was thrust into the spotlight at a young age when she was studied at Sydney’s Manly Beach and cast in a tourism movement that aired on NBC in America. But it was her role as a professional spruiker for which she was famous.

The famous tv personality Erin Jayne Plummer died at the age of 42, but her cause of death remains unknown. The news was first shared by studio 10 hosts Sarah Harris and Angela Bishop on Monday’s show, but she did not hint at the reason behind her passing.

42-years-old Erin Jayne Plummer earned a degree in journalism and worked at Horwitz magazines as an Editor. Over the years, Plummer promoted everything from massage chairs and workout schedules to slimming jeans and steam mops.

Apart from her professional life, Plummer was a family person who was survived by her husband, with whom she shared three children. All of her kids are daughters, and the loss of their mom now devasts them.

According to some online sources, Erin Jayne Plummer had a considerable net worth of around $10 million. Most of her income came from her professional work in television. 

Erin Jayne Plummer Cause Of Death Explored

Erin Jayne Plummer was a television personality who got widespread recognition for her work in Studio 10. The accomplished personality was also an athlete, and she represented Australia at three world championships and won 11 national titles.

During her career hosting advertorials, Plummer appeared on Studio 10, TVSN, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, and The Morning Show. From her work, she also earned a nickname, The Danoz Girl. And now, people are mourning her death as her obituary got announced recently.

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Bishop described Plummer as a gorgeous human inside and out. And now, people are paying tribute to her on social media. Meanwhile, various rumors are going on social media about her demise. A Twitter user shared a post of Daily Mail in which he said another victim of climate change.

We can assume that Plummer may have been a victim of climate change. However, the official death cause is yet to get confirmed.

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She also freelanced for Men’s Health, The Manly Daily newspaper, Gardens & Outdoor Living, and Gear magazine. So, she must have added a decent fortune from her multiple works under her name. 

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