Why was Alvin Chivondo Arrested? Charges Explained

Alvin Chivondo Arrested: Why was Alvin Chivondo Arrested? Charges Explained: Do you assume, if an individual commits a criminal offense and argues to the court docket that he’ll not commit the crime once more, however once more discovered doing crime? So what ought to be the punishment for him, as per you? The court docket ought to give him one probability once more and he would get the greatest punishment. When you are actually keen to know a per such precisely like I describe beneath. So allow us to begin understanding about Alvin Chivondo. Who’s he, and what crime did he commit? Allow us to get the element about him. Comply with Extra Replace On GetIndiaNews.com

Alvin Chivondo

Alvin Chivondo Arrested

Alvin Chivondo is the one that has been arrested by the metropolis police in the month of April 13, 2022, at the moment he bought sentenced by the court docket to a 12 months in jail for shoplifting. At the moment he requested the court docket to forgive him, and he get aid from his punishment. However do you he would be modified. Truly did not change a bit after one month later of his forgiveness by the court docket. Alvin Chivondo has been arrested once more by the police in the case of shoplifting. He did not change a bit ever. At the moment he promised not to repeat the offense after a Nairobi court docket jailed him for stealing. However he did not change in any respect or not adopted his promise.

Why was Alvin Chivondo Arrested?

In this month of Could not an excessive amount of sooner, Alvin Chivondo has been arrested once more for shoplifting on Could 21 on this Thursday night time. He has been arrested this Thursday at Naivas Grocery store on Nairobi’s Ronald Ngala Avenue for Shoplifting. Now he’s in police custody. Nairobi central sub County police Commander David Barriu informed Nation Africa that Mr. Chivodo has been detained once more solely after a month. This man might not be ever, he gave a false promise to the court docket.

Who Is Alvin Chivondo?

When he was arrested in the month of April Milimani Chief Justice of the Peace Wendy Kagendo on April, he admitted at the moment that, he did two counts of stealing and dealing with stolen items from Naivas Kenya worth Sh31,165. At the moment Justice of the Peace gave him a press release for one 12 months in jail with a fantastic of Sh100,000. He informed the court docket that he and his family had to sleep hungry so he dedicated a criminal offense reasonably than he’s an excellent fellow. He promised the court docket that he would not ever commit the shoplifting once more. Court docket additionally get the information that he was additionally arrested on April 3 2022 for stealing items from the grocery store.