Woman Closes Overhead Bin in Plane With Foot While Holding Baby in Arm. Watch

Viral Video Today: A video is going viral on social media where a woman is showing off her flexibility while holding her baby and it has the internet totally divided in their opinions.Also Read – Viral Video: Grandpa Plays Harmonica In Park, Leaves Geese Mesmerised. Watch

The video shared by a Twitter user shows a woman getting ready to deboard the plane. “OMG so cool,” Twitter user Figen wrote in the caption. Also Read – Viral Video: Engineer’s Bride Fires Gunshot in Air On Stage At Wedding Reception in Bihar. Watch

While holding her baby in her arm, she takes out the luggage with the other hand. She then closes the overhead cabin in the plane with her foot while also holding her baby in her right arm and a bag on her left shoulder. She could be seen lifting her right leg like a gymnast to close the hatch with her shoe. Also Read – Viral Video: Desi Man Dances In Skirt on NYC Street To Madhuri Dixit’s Badi Mushkil. Watch

Watch the viral video below:

While many Twitter users found her ‘super mom skills’ cool, others said she should have been more careful with the baby and shouldn’t attempt such stunts with a kid in her arm. Here are some of the comments from the video:

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