Zellsis Age – Why Was Twitch Streamer Suspended And Banned In 2021?

After he said he was banned, many people thought it was because he was streaming shirtless. But later, he said that it was because he had said mean things.

Since the news came out, his fans have been using the hashtag #freezellsis on Twitter to ask the site to let him back on. The streamer is a well-known player on Sentinel who is known for how well he plays.

He has gotten thousands of followers on his account over the years because of the funny things he says while playing the game. Based on the most recent information found online, he is no longer banned from Twitch after 12 hours.

Zellsis, who was born on March 2, 1998, rose to fame quickly on social media. The guy who used to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive became a streamer in 2020.

Since then, he’s been in a lot of tournaments and won a few of them. People like him a lot because he is sarcastic and says what he thinks.

Back in the year 2020, he quit Counter-Strike to become Riot’s new tactical shooter. After being picked up by Sentinels before the North American Last Chance Qualifiers last year, he changed teams again.

This made a lot of people want to follow him and made the Valorant squad bigger. Even though his career has been up and down, he has been able to keep his personal life out of the spotlight.

Why was Twitch Streamer banned in 2021 and put on hold?

This is not the first time that Valorant pro-Zellsis has been kicked off Twitch. Back in 2021, he was kicked off the platform because he was said to have made racist remarks about a tournament official.

He said something that went against Riot’s policy on VCT global competition. Rule 7.1.2. “Offensive comments based on gender or race are a direct violation of the standards expected of players in the Valorant Champions Tour,” the policy says.
Because of this, he was kicked out of the upcoming Challenger Open Qualifier and Challenger Main Event at Valorant. Later, Riot’s official ruling said that they had been kicked out of the first Challenger Open Qualifier and the first Challenger Main Event of Stage 3.

What is the Twitch streamer Zellsis’s real name?

Jordan Montemurro is the real name of the Twitch streamer who is known as Zellsis. The streamer hasn’t said how tall he is on the Internet, just like he hasn’t said anything else about himself.

People know him by his stage name on the Internet. On social media, he goes by his stage name instead of his real name.

People often ask about his family and parents because he is getting more and more popular on the Internet. But the streamer likes to keep them hidden so that people can’t see them.

How much Zellsis, a Twitch streamer, is worth

Zellsis hasn’t said how much money he is worth, but he has won $59,302.90 from 59 tournaments so far. So, he also makes a good amount of money from his games.

Jordan also advertises brands on his Instagram account, which has more than 16,000 followers. He also makes money from his YouTube channel, which has more than 80k followers.

Why was Zellsis taken off the team?

Riot kicked him out of the tournament last year for making rude comments to a tournament official.

Who is Zellsi VALORANT?

Zellsis VALRORANT is an American who plays for the Sentinels team and streams on Twitch.

Who does Zellsis go out with?

Katherine “LunarKats,” Zellsis’s girlfriend, is also a Twitch streamer.

Who is Zellsis taking over for?

Zellsis Replaces Kanpeki For Sentinels Valorant.


Zeldris is very calm and seems to be hard to get mad at. Like his brother Meliodas, Zeldris seems to be a good leader and knows how to give orders.

Zeldris is very sure of himself and what he can do. Meliodas, his own brother, is a very strong opponent, but that doesn’t bother him. He isn’t afraid of fighting him again or even starting an attack on him. The more confident he is in his own skills, the more he thinks he is better than weaker beings. In the same way, he doesn’t think much of Fraudrin’s skills because he couldn’t destroy a country full of people. Zeldris is so sure that he can handle the Seven Deadly Sins on his own that he smiles as he says it. He also thinks that he is stronger than Meliodas and therefore deserves to be the new Demon King, and he doesn’t hesitate to fight his brother again with Estarossa now that they are both at full strength. He has even shown that he enjoys fighting by giving his opponents a taunting smirk when he used all of his power and left them all helpless. He also didn’t show any fear when Mael, who was as strong as his older brother, showed up and was actually eager to fight him. But despite being arrogant, Zeldris has said that, unlike Meliodas’s old self, who Zeldris says underestimates his opponents so much that he plays with them, he doesn’t underestimate his opponents and always fights with his full strength, no matter who they are.

But Zeldris’s patience has limits, and even though he doesn’t do it often, he isn’t above making fun of and being mean to people with whom he has a bad relationship. This is shown by the many times he took to show his anger at Meliodas and, most of all, at Elizabeth, whom he made fun of during their short conversation and who he blamed for his brother’s betrayal. Drole and Gloxinia’s betrayal also made Zeldris angry, and he said openly that a Giant King and a Fairy King can never work well with the Demon Clan. He also gets angry when he finds out that Meliodas is going to be the new Demon King. When he fought his older brother, who is now back to full power, he was furious and easy to beat.

When it comes to Gelda, Zeldris loses his cool-headedness. He gets excited as his reunion with Gelda gets closer, or he gets desperate and angry when Merlin and the others try to stop Meliodas from becoming Demon King, which stops Zeldris from getting back together with Gelda.

Even though Zeldris seems cruel and heartless, he used to be much better. Meliodas said that Zeldris looked up to him a lot when he was still in charge of the Ten Commandments and was always smiling when he was around. Also, he said that Zeldris was almost too honest and sincere. The main reason Zeldris was so cold-hearted was that he was in love with the Vampiress Gelda, and unlike almost all other demons, he only wanted to protect her and not beat the Goddess Clan. When his father told him to kill the Vampire Clan, he was so upset by the pain he couldn’t describe that he broke down in tears and couldn’t do it. Instead, he sealed them all away for Gelda’s sake, which showed how much he loved her and appreciated his romantic relationship with her in the past. Zeldris became a demon because his older brother, who he looked up to, betrayed him and because losing his lover caused him a lot of pain. This made him even more angry when Meliodas betrayed him, though. So, he won’t negotiate with Meliodas and makes it clear how angry he is with him. In fact, he says right out that the only things he has are his anger at Meliodas and his desire for revenge against the other Clans. Meliodas’s betrayal of the Demons was really because of Elizabeth. This is shown by the fact that he is much more openly hostile toward Elizabeth than he was with Meliodas. For example, when Elizabeth arrived and said she didn’t know him, he mocked her and said she made Meliodas suffer. He continued to show clear anger at her, keeping a scowl on his face, even more so after she told him she was pregnant. He may have even planned to make her curse come true based on what they talked about, so he could enjoy Meliodas’s pain. This would be a cruel way to make his brother feel the same way he did when he lost Gelda.

But Zeldris still has some good in him, as shown by the fact that he thinks Meliodas is suffering because he betrayed his clan to be with Elizabeth. This shows that Zeldris has some doubts about their broken relationship. When Meliodas apologized to him later, he seemed to think about forgiving him in silence. Zeldris is cruel to traitors, but he is loyal to his allies. This is shown by the fact that he saved Estarossa from an attack that could have killed him and told him to rest afterward, even though he later said he never thought of Estarossa as his brother and was relieved to find out that he was actually Mael and not his brother. However, this didn’t stop him from using Estarossa as a pawn to He also told Cusack to stay away when Cusack went to help him when Meliodas had Zeldris pinned down, even though Cusack’s help would have been helpful. Also, when Ludociel called him out for slashing a woman’s face, Zeldris said that at least he and his brother would never take over a woman’s body. This showed that Zeldris was ruthless against enemies, even if they were women, but he didn’t like violence that wasn’t necessary. The only reason he wanted to become the Demon King was to bring Gelda back to life, since he thought she was dead. When Meliodas told Zeldris that Gelda had only been re-sealed and that he would break the seal on her if he became the Demon King, Zeldris quickly gave up on becoming the Demon King and even helped Meliodas find the Commandments by giving them to him, including his own, and protecting him while he was Not only that, but as soon as he realized his father wouldn’t let him be with Gelda again, he turned quickly against him. The Demon King also said that Zeldris still wanted peace and harmony in the underworld. This showed that even though Zeldris had changed a lot, deep down he was still the good demon he was before he lost Gelda.


Cusack and Meliodas taught Zeldris how to fight before he was done with his training and stopped learning from his master. He looked up to his older brother when he was in charge of the Ten Commandments and fell in love with the vampire Gelda at some point.

Zeldris confronted Meliodas when he found out that he wanted to leave the Demon Clan. Meliodas says that he does it for the person he wants to protect with all his heart. This leads Zeldris to confirm that Meliodas’s relationship with the goddess Elizabeth was real. Meliodas told them he would go with them along Gelda. But Zeldris turned it down and said that from then on, he wouldn’t think of him as his brother, which he would come to regret.

During the Great War, Zeldris was told to kill the Vampire Clan because they were trying to get rid of the Demon King. But instead of killing them, he locked them up to protect Gelda. He also said that he had met the goddess Elizabeth and probably fought her in the Holy War.

Remembering the Holy War

Near the end of the war, he was sent to capture or kill Gowther, who had just gotten away. He easily beat the Giant King Drole and offered him and the Fairy King jobs in the Ten Commandments.

Because Gowther used a spell that was against the rules, Zeldris’s memories were changed to make him think that the Archangel Mael was his older brother “Estarossa.”

After losing the Holy War against the Four Races, Zeldris and the rest of the Demon Clan were locked away by the Goddess Clan (Human, Fairy, Giant and Goddess Clans).