Relationship between Pete Wicks and Joe Wicks explained

Pete Wicks, a charming tattooed man who stole the hearts of millions, became a member of the TOWIE cast in 2015. Since then, he has continued to enchant his fans with his stylish appearances in various shows.

However, amidst ongoing rumors and speculation, a new theory has emerged claiming that Pete Wicks and Joe Wicks are brothers.

But is there any truth to this theory? Unfortunately, there are no concrete sources that confirm Pete Wicks and Joe Wicks are actually brothers. Although they share a similar last name and come from the same country, they are not typically connected by blood.

Furthermore, the rumors about Pete Wicks and Joe Wicks being brothers may have been fueled by the fact that they have similar facial features. However, their long hair and beards at certain points may have added to the confusion among fans.

On the other hand, Joe Wicks, a fitness coach, does have two siblings, but neither of them is named Pete Wicks.

Exploring the family life of actor Pete Wicks, while his parents remain unidentified, we do know that his mother’s name is Tracy Wicks. Pete was only eleven years old when his parents got divorced.

Following the divorce, Pete’s mother, Tracy, raised her children on her own, facing all the challenges and difficulties that came her way.

Growing up in a broken family with no father figure had a profound impact on Pete’s childhood. He reportedly felt powerless and disconnected after his parents’ separation, leaving a lasting impression on him.

Pete Wicks’ mother can be found on Instagram with the username TracyWicks , where she has around 6,000 followers. She has also shared some photos of her grandson with captions.

Even though Pete Wicks doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, information about him can be found online. Pete made his first appearance on The Only Way Is Essex during its fifteenth season in 2015. His charisma and personality quickly made him a fan favorite among TOWIE viewers. He established himself as a regular on the show and was introduced to the program through his co-star and friend, James Lock. Prior to joining the program, Wicks was a successful entrepreneur. He has now utilized his fame to pursue various endeavors, such as modeling.

Additionally, Wicks has also appeared in other television shows, including First Dates Hotel and Celebrity Island.

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