SUSPECT: Sydney Gangland Shooting Video Went Viral On Social Media, Twitter, Reddit & YouTube, Who Is Suspect!

In this post, know more about SUSPECT: Sydney Gangland Shooting Video Went Viral On Social Media, Twitter, Reddit & YouTube, Who Is Suspect!.

The crime rate is constantly increasing day by day. Even after making many strict punishments, the crimes are not taking the name to stop. The courage of the criminals has increased so much that now they have started committing crimes in broad daylight. One such crime has happened in broad daylight which took the life of a one-person and put another person in severe condition. As we informed earlier, Tarek Zahid and his brother were attacked and showered with bullets. It was previously reported that a man had died on the spot. Now it is clear that Omar Zahed, who is the brother of Comanchero bikie boss named Tarek Zahed has passed away. The duo were shot in the foyer of a Western Sydney gym and this incident has happened last night. Follow Our website 

As per the reports, Omar Zahed gets gun-shot injuries to his stomach, legs and arms prior to getting a heart attack. Both the victims were discovered to be in extremely bad and critical condition. Tarek Zahed is battling for his life and his sibling Omar is declared dead after underworld hitmen opened gunshots in a gym in Sydney. Omar uploaded a brazen Tiktok earlier, which depicts a montage of pictures with Tarek and himself posing and standing in front of the private jets and both are enclosed by Comanchero bikies. One still from a lip-syncing platform shared just 2 days back viewed both the brothers flexing in front of big mirrors of a Bodyfit gym- believed to be the same Auburn venue where he was fired and dead.

The firing came a week after a media outlet reported that a bounty had been placed on the head of Tarek. A bikie source informed the media outlets that had been warned by those near to him to play it safe. They stated, “They already warned him the other week, “Stop visiting the gym and please made some changes to their routine’, but he did not listen. They are annoyed Talking on Wednesday (11th May 2022), NSW Police Minister Paul Toole swear to “search down” the criminals.

The two people were shot while posing in the foyer of the Bodyfit Fitness Center of Auburn on the busy Parramatta Road at around 08:00 PM on Tuesday. The 39-years-old, Omae went into a heart attack after being hit in the stomach, legs, and arms and lost his life at the crime scene. On the other hand, the 42-years-old, Tarek suffered 10 gunshot injuries to his body, including his head, and was instantly admitted to Westmead Hospital in crucial condition.

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