‘The Walls are Watching’: Lana McKissack’s slick Lifetime thriller sees love and obsession go awry

In this post, know more about ‘The Walls are Watching’: Lana McKissack’s slick Lifetime thriller sees love and obsession go awry.

When people we care about pass away, we like to keep their belongings near to us so that we may always feel connected to them. However, those materialistic goods can occasionally develop into obsessed energy in a person. The Lifetime thriller, ‘The Walls are Watching’ stars Erica (Lana McKissack) and Mitch (Brandon Ford Green), a newlywed couple who’ve recently been brought home. It’s the ideal way to begin their new life together. It would be if they didn’t have to deal with Theodore (Branscombe Richmond), at least. Instead of a honeymoon, these newlyweds’ lives become a cat and mouse chase as they strive to avoid being pursued by a man who knows every inch of the house better than they do and has nothing to lose.

The older guy begins to torment the couple, blaming them for stealing him from his house. It’s a terrible situation for the two of them because Theodore knows considerably more about their house than they do. He even goes so far as to search the house for them. Erica and Mitch may not only lose their home but perhaps their life if they aren’t guarded. Theodore isn’t a man to be trifled with, and he’s determined to reclaim his home by any means necessary.

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Theodore needed his house back because his wife and son had died five years before. And that house was the only thing between him and them, as well as his soul. However, as I previously stated, you never know when a few things may become more of an obsession. Theodore could have simply left the house and the couple to start a new life, but he chose to do the exact opposite.

Erica and Mitch  in ‘The Walls are Watching’ (Lifetime)


The movie’s pace was sluggish at first, but as it progressed, the speed accelerated. The film has aspects of thriller, anger, and courage, all of which make it worthwhile to see at least once. When it comes to actors, Branscombe Richmond gave a fantastic portrayal. It was amazing to see him evolve into an older fellow who desperately wants his home back and would go to any extent to get it, even if it meant murdering someone. Lana McKissack’s acting was amazing; her part required her to impersonate a psychiatrist, and she did an excellent job.

When it comes to the storyline of the movie, it is an exciting thriller filled with many emotions such as vengeance, love, terror, and obsession. Also, you’ll be surprised by how the movie finishes, which involves the death of one of the key characters, and you’ll have to see the flick to find out.


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