What Happened To Mark Lanegan’s Teeth? Wife & Net Worth

After returning from his European tour, Mark Lanegan’s teeth began to deteriorate. He passed away at age 57 from kidney illness and a COVID complication.

American singer-songwriter-musician Mark Lanegan was also a writer and musician.

As the lead vocalist band The Gutter Twins, Screaming Trees, and Queens of the Stone Age, Lanegan gained notoriety.

At the end of the 1990s, Mark Lanegan’s teeth began to decay after he returned from a tour of Europe.

The majority of his most recent images of the singer’s teeth show them to be worn and weathered from heavy drug use.

He lived on the street and was virtually homeless.

Unfortunately, complications with COVID led to the iconic singer’s death at the age of 57.

Mark William Lanegan was born in Ellensburg, Washington, on November 25, 1964.

In a 1996 interview with The Rocket, he acknowledged operating a combine harvester when he was younger.

Lanegan claimed that he began drinking alcohol at the age of 12 and using drugs seriously at the age of 18.

What Happened To Mark Lanegan's Teeth? Wife & Net Worth

He was imprisoned and given a one-year prison term for drug-related offenses.

Shelley Brien, Mark Lanegan’s wife, is a vocalist as well.

The two moved from Los Angeles to County Kerry, Ireland, in 2020.

With severe COVID-19, Lanegan was hospitalized in March 2021 and almost passed away.

The illness caused him to briefly lose his hearing, become immobile, and spend several months slipping in and out of a coma.

Kurt Cobain’s pal Lanegan had been invited to his house just hours before he passed away.

Lanegan was encouraged to write a memoir by Anthony Bourdain, a friend of his.

On February 22, 2022, Mark Lanegan passed away in Killarney, Ireland.

The estimated value of Mark Lanegan’s net worth is $1 million.

He founded the band Screaming Trees in 1984.

1986 saw the release of Clairvoyance-Screaming Trees’ first studio album.

Invisible Lantern was released in 1988, Buzz Factory in 1989, and Uncle Anesthesia in 1991—even though and especially when it was debuted in 1987.

1992 saw the release of Sweet Oblivion, which reached its US Heatseekers chart apex at #4.

Screaming Trees’ 1996 single Dust peaked at #5 on the US Heatseekers chart and #32 in the UK.

As a solo performer, he released eight studio albums.

Lanegan was a member of the band Queens of the Stone Age and worked with Kurt Cobain.

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